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BACKGROUND to RM 1045 Network Services Framework

CCS_2935_Supplier_AW-250x175pxCrown Commercial Service launched RM1045 Network Services Framework in August 2015. The framework agreement replaces three existing arrangements:

  • RM 860 PSN Connectivity,
  • RM 1498 PSN Services and
  • RM 1035 Telephony Services;

and provides a path for customers to migrate services from a number of legacy in-scope arrangements.


Benefits of approach

The benefits of using a framework agreement include mitigating the risks of procurement complexity, such as pre-testing of the suppliers to ensure capability; and the ability to contract on Crown Commercial Service (CCS) terms.

Reduced timescales

Using the Framework agreement leads to reduced timescales and costs for the procurement of services: you do not need to run a full OJEU procurement, Crown Commercial Service has already done it for you.

Ease of use

The agreement is easy to use. You can get expert commercial advice available from both the Crown Commercial Service and AdEPT Telecom plc. AdEPT operates several Public Sector frameworks and is well used to explaining them.

Reduced Complexity

Technology agnostic terms and conditions allow for outcomes based requirements that encourage supplier innovation. As an example: if you move from ISDN30 to SIP there is no need to change your terms and conditions.

Flexible contract lengths

Flexible contract lengths enable flexibility of solution design and reduce costly, lengthy tie-ins. Initial contract terms can be up to 3 years with an option to extend another 2 years.


The Network Services Framework agreement is fully compliant with EU procurement regulations reducing both procurement risk for you and bureaucracy in the procurement process.

Pre-defined Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions of contract have been established and AdEPT Telecom plc has signed and accepted this agreement and the call-off terms. Simply choose what you want from AdEPT’s catalogue and place a direct award.

Only 30 days notice needed to cancel any PSTN line or ISDN channel

Flexible terms and conditions

We recognise that some sites close, some open, and others change in size.

We have therefore made it easy to cease PSTN lines and ISDN channels by giving just 30 days notice. There are no cancellation fees associated with ceasing lines and your Premier Service manager will do everything for you in response to either an email or a phone call.

However …

you can only cease lines or channels. You cannot transfer them to another provider during the contract.

And if you are moving sites we’ll project manage the line moves for you, FREE of charge.

Technical Flexibility

We understand that some customers may wish to move from ISDN channels to SIP (voice over IP using a data connection).

Once you have set up your AdEPT SIP trunks and ported your numbers then you can cease your ISDN channels at any time during the contract by giving us just 30 days notice.