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Go 10 x faster for twice the cost

Go 10 x faster for twice the cost

We are often asked how much data connectivity costs. The detailed answer depends upon your postcode as different network carriers are available in different parts of the UK. It is further complicated by the fact that some networks have only been upgraded in certain geographical areas.

However our EASY general rule of thumb is this …

Every time the speed goes 10 x faster the cost doubles.


The total cost of a 5 year contract including annual rentals and installation costs looks something like this:-

£ 25k – 10Mb

£ 50k – 100Mb

£100k – 1 Gb (1,000Mb)

£200k – 10Gb (10,000 Mb)

Put another way – you can go 1,000 times faster for 8 times the cost!